Giving back to our community

Geelong Galvanizing has shown its dedication to supporting the local community by sponsoring and providing funding to various organisations, sporting clubs, and businesses. The company recognises that a strong community benefits everyone, and by giving back, they can help create a more vibrant and successful community for all.

One of the ways Geelong Galvanizing supports the local community is through sponsoring local sporting clubs. The company understands the importance of sports in promoting health and wellbeing and fostering a sense of community. Geelong Galvanizing has sponsored local clubs such as the Junior Football, Netball and Soccer Clubs, as well as Geelong Umpires Association. This sponsorship helps the clubs purchase new equipment, maintain their facilities, and provide opportunities for local children and adults to participate in sports.

In addition to supporting sports clubs, Geelong Galvanizing also provides funding to various local organizations. The company supports Geelong Community Foundation, The Outpost Inc, Medimime and Immune Defficicies Foundation Australia. These organisations are vital to the local community and help support individuals and families in need. By supporting these organizations, Geelong Galvanizing is helping to create a healthier and more supportive community.

Geelong Galvanizing also supports local businesses. The company recognizes that small businesses are the backbone of the local economy and that supporting them is essential to creating a thriving community. Geelong Galvanizing supports Haas Racing and, Premier Speedway Warnambool and the Gordon Insitute. This help promote local businesses and recognize their contributions to the community.

Geelong Galvanizing has demonstrated its commitment to giving back to the community by supporting local organizations, sporting clubs, and businesses. The company’s sponsorship and funding have helped create a more vibrant and successful community for everyone. Geelong Galvanizing’s dedication to the community serves as an excellent example for other businesses, and their contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of many people in the Geelong region.