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Award Winning Frankston Station


Frankston Train Station Upgrade

The Frankston rail station upgrade is a part of the Victorian State Government’s circa $6.9b. Level Crossing Removal project. The project was delivered by the North Western Program Alliance and construction overseen by the Level Crossing Removal Authority.

Design & Construction Process:

Randall Industries were engaged to design, fabricate and install 150 tonne or 3,000m2 of steel on the project. Randall’s have previously worked on other level crossing removal projects throughout Victoria. A key consideration for the project was exposure to harsh coastal environment of Port Phillip Bay and the selection of materials that not only meet the design aesthetic, they also perform in harsh conditions.

The design required the external structural steel to be finished with a crisp white paint finish. As the only galvanizer in Victoria to offer galvanizing, paint over steel and Duplex (paint over galvanizing), Geelong Galvanizing’s galvanizing division worked closely with our Blast & Industrial Painting department to deliver the ultimate Duplex coating finish.

A hot dip galvanizing coating replaced a typical zinc primer in a 3-coat external paint system. The metallurgical reaction of galvanizing to mild steel creates far greater durability to protect steel from corrosion in exposed applications. Galvanizing’s robust nature provides easier handling during transport and construction, while inhibiting rust bleed through on the paint surface.

The station design required a significant proportion on frames to be fabricated as large-scale components. These heavy frames required extensive consultation with stakeholders on best practice design for venting and draining. This ensures an excellent surface finish was achieved during the hot dip galvanizing process, with little aesthetic loss due to holes and crop outs.

Specific jigging techniques to pass the frames through the double dipping process, ensured that no damage occurred to the frames. Stringent QC throughout the galvanizing process and high attention to detail during the fettling stage, provided a high quality HDG finish for the paint division to work with.

Duplex systems are applied to Australian Standard AS2312, corrosion protection specification. Duplex offers greater years to first maintenance, compared to any external 3 coat paint system, even offering extended maintenance compared to hot dip galvanizing. Bringing the two protection options together (of paint and galvanizing), reduces maintenance requirements and delivers a longer lifespan for the structure.

The end result is a striking curved frame station structure that is now one of the most eye-catching building designs in Frankston.