As a local Geelong manufacturer, we are committed to Future Proofing Geelong and are an active member of Sustainability Victoria.

Our hot dip galvanizing plant was a contributor to the Australian Galvanizing Association’s Industry Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Our industry EPD provides an independently verified representation of the environmental impact of the hot dip galvanized product going into a project.  It covers steel products, such as hot-rolled structural steel sections, steel plate, and hollow structural steel sections, that are hot dip galvanized after fabrication by members of the GAA. 

HDG protects steel from corrosion significantly extending the service life of steel assets and reducing the natural resources and energy required to repair or replace that asset. Hot Dip Galvanizing involves immersing steel components in molten zinc and zinc is one of the few materials that can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its superior performance attributes.

The GAA’s industry EPD is recognised in the Green Star Design Rating Tool (Green Building Council of Australia) and the IS® Rating Tool (Infrastructure Sustainability Council).

Download a copy of the Industry EPD

Other sustainability initiatives at our Geelong site include a state-of-the-art blasting facility in our paint division, for optimal steel preparation. The blasting room creates a controlled environment that incorporates an automated system to recycle, and re-use abrasives used in our steel preparation process. We have also invested in solar panel to reduce our environmental impact, reducing our electricity consumption by 30% and cutting carbon emissions by 11%.