Port of Portland


April 2019 – June 2022 


Port of Portland 


Lighting tower refurbishment 


Portland, Victoria


Strip existing galvanizing and patina. Regalvanise and reinstall. 


Initial tower refurbishment was done in April 2019, with subsequent towers taken out of service, disassembled and delivered for regalvanizing when the opportunity has arisen.  

Unfortunately, we have no date on the initial installation. All we can confirm is that the towers were installed over 20 years ago in a C5 environment, situated at Australia’s most southern mainland port. Extreme weather conditions are guaranteed through direct exposure to winds and sea spray whipped up by the Great Australian Bight and Southern Oceans. 

By refurbishing these towers before they had deteriorated to the point of being unsafe and not fit for service, the Port of Portland have saved themselves thousands of dollars through material reuse and man hours not required in the fabrication of new towers. It’s also been a massive win for the environment with several tonnes of new steel not being required or the old towers being sent for reprocessing as scrap.