The Role of a Galvanizing Furnace

During our recent kettle changeover project we replaced our furnace control panel and updated the control programs to increase burner pulsing and efficiency. In a galvanizing plant, the furnace is often referred to as the heart of the plant.  We asked James Molony, the MD at Integrated Galvanizing Solutions (IGS), our kettle changeover partner to explain what the furnace control actually does for the plant. Here is his response:

“The furnace control has 4 key functions:

  • Manage the safe operation of the burner system.
  • Maintain the desired zinc temperature for production and during the critical heat up process.
  • Ensure efficient use of fuel and electricity.
  • Protect the galvanizing kettle from heat related damage.

These 4 functions are at the core of all our furnace control systems along with reliable, continuous operation in the often harsh environment of the galvanizing plant.”

The control panel from IGS installed during our kettle project addresses all of the above in an economical plug and play package that exceeds the requirements of the Australian Gas Association – one of most stringent gas authorities in the world.  Our local contractors were able to wire the panel into our system and turn it on, on the same day, saving valuable time during our shut down maintenance period.

The panel includes an easy-to-use touch screen controller for setting operating parameters, data logging and review.  It is programmed with IGS’s pulse fire sequencing and combustion fan modulation to ensure efficient use of energy over the full operating range of the furnace.  There is a heat up ramp that is tuned specifically for the initial zinc melt.  It automatically increases the temperature gradually until melting is complete.  We also have the piece of mind that all this energy saving tech is backed up by several levels of redundancy.

A key component of our plant operations, the furnace control delivers energy efficiency and ensures continuity for quality HDG outcomes.