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Hot Dip galvanizing is the leading protective coating for steel, delivering predictable performance in corrosion protection. At our Geelong facility we hot dip galvanize small components, unusual shapes and large-scale structural elements to AS/NZS 4680.

Paint & Duplex

As innovators in high quality, corrosion resistant steel finishes, Geelong Galvanizing is the only Galvanizer in Victoria to offer painted steel finishes and Duplex coatings, a paint finish over galvanized steel.

TetraWal & Fabricated Products

TetraWal’s retaining wall solutions include all the hot dip galvanized steel components required to complete a retaining wall installation. TetraWal components are available as H-sections for straight walls, 90º sections for right angles and 45º sections for softer angles, or specific angles to suit your requirements.

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Superior corrosion protection products
Technical excellence
Cost effective solutions
Sustainable, long-term performance

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Wayne Rice
Wayne Rice
Chris Iles
Chris Iles
Amazing service, amazing product & amazing price!
Stephen Szanto
Stephen Szanto
Mark Leahy
Mark Leahy
Adam Matijevic
Adam Matijevic
Friendly staff and speedy service! Very helpful and knowledgeable! Happy customer and will definitely use again!

Our Recent Work

Bent Metal Spirit of Progress

The Spirit of Progress sculpture was designed to honour the importance of the train line’s influence in Donnybrae’s development. As such, it relies upon the idea of the moving train as both the genesis for its design and a metaphor for progress and development in the local area.

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