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For over 25 years Geelong Galvanizing has specialized in providing high quality surface finishes for steel products in the construction, landscaping and engineering industries. 

We galvanize steel components for superior corrosion resistance and durability in wet or dry applications. Our painted steel finishes provide a strong aesthetic in your choice of colour and the innovative Duplex coating system applies paint to galvanized steel for the ultimate in low maintenance, long-life performance. 

Geelong Galvanizing fabricates customised steel components for a range of applications, including mining and infrastructure projects. We also manufacture TetraWal retaining wall solutions for residential jobs and large scale land development projects.

Our modern manufacturing facilities are based in Geelong, Victoria and incorporate solar panels and recycling systems to deliver sustainable product choices. Our team offers free technical advice and our in-house transport fleet picks up steel components and delivers the finished product to your site.

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Geelong Galvanizing are innovators in developing high quality, corrosion resistant, steel finishes.

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Our company owned transport fleet provides flexibility and an end-to-end service for customers. View the latest Transport Update.