Hot dip galvanizing is a proven performer for the corrosion protection of steel.

Hot Dip galvanizing is the leading protective coating for steel, delivering predictable performance in corrosion protection. At our Geelong facility we hot dip galvanize small components, unusual shapes and large-scale structural elements to AS/NZS 4680.

Hot Dip Galvanizing immerses steel components in molten zinc to create an alloy coating system that fully protects recesses, hollows, sharp corners & inaccessible areas of steel fabricated components. Galvanizing creates a metallurgic reaction between the zinc alloy and the steel surface to bond zinc to the steel and provides three levels of corrosion protection (barrier, cathodic and zinc patina) to increase the life span of steel in application.

Gal Process Overview

Galvanizing delivers cost benefits in both time to first maintenance and total life cycle costs for assets. Ideal for residential and commercial construction, agricultural equipment, engineering and infrastructure, mining support structures and marine applications; galvanizing offers predictable, long-life performance.

For more details on the performance benefits of Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) across corrosion zones in Australia, view this Guide to the Service Life 

There are 10 major, measurable benefits to choosing hot dip galvanizing steel components for corrosion protection. Whether the installation is in a coastal environment, in water ways, embedded in soil or in a remote or rural location, galvanizing is the top performer for corrosion protection. 10 Benefits of Galvanizing PDF

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