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Victoria’s only Paint, Duplex & Galvanizing coatings provider

As innovators in high quality, corrosion resistant steel finishes, Geelong Galvanizing is the only Galvanizer in Victoria to offer painted steel finishes and Duplex coatings, a paint finish over galvanized steel.

Our state-of-the-art blasting and paint facilities create a controlled environment for optimal steel preparation and high-quality paint application. We cater for a wide range of paint systems for large scale steel structures, steel components and intricate designs.

Geelong Galvanizing is PCCP certified for quality and performance standards in the application of paint coating systems, to maximise the performance of steel assets. Our facilities have the added benefit of an onsite NACE inspector to oversee specialty paint projects (i.e., immersion, oil and gas) and ensure the quality standards of significant government and infrastructure projects. 


Duplex offers the ultimate corrosion protection for installations in highly corrosive locations. The application of a suitable, high integrity paint system can insulate zinc from the environment and prolong the life of the Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel coating. 

The corrosion protection provided by Duplex is known as the synergistic effect. The interaction between paint and galvanizing coatings extends the service life of a steel structure, providing unparalleled corrosion protection that can last from 1.5 – 2.3 times the combined lifetimes of both paint and HDG systems. 

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Sherwin-Williams’ FIRETEX FX6002 Ultra Fast-Drying Intumescent Coating

Designed for off-site application, FIRETEX FX6002 unique patented technology enables two-hour fire protection system to be applied in a single coat and be ready to handle in as little as one hour.

  • Durability – FIRETEX FX6002 has been formulated to provide protection across a wide range of steel with a competitive fire rating solution up to 120 minutes, with the benefit of enhanced stability for steel structures in the event of a real fire. It provides extended durability with appropriate topcoat and can resist weather conditions up to 6 months without a topcoat during construction phase. FIRETEX FX6002 can be used in environmental classifications up to C5 corrosivity category.
  • Aesthetics & Sustainability – FIRETEX FX6002 provides an attractive and easy to apply finish, helping designers to obtain aesthetically pleasing fire protection to exposed structural steel surfaces. From an environmental perspective, the product contains low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at 24 g/l, comparable to some of today’s water-based intumescent coatings.
  • Fast Track Construction – The ultra-fast drying time of Firetex FX6002 removes drying “bottlenecks” for both on-site and off-site, and ultimately contributes to faster overall project completion and time savings by allowing other trades to operate quickly after the coating application process.

Geelong Galvanizing is qualified by The Sherwin-Williams Company (Australia) as an approved applicator of FIRETEX FX6002 passive fire protection systems.

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Bent Metal Spirit of Progress

The Spirit of Progress sculpture was designed to honour the importance of the train line’s influence in Donnybrae’s development. As such, it relies upon the idea of the moving train as both the genesis for its design and a metaphor for progress and development in the local area.