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We custom manufacture a wide range of steel components to your specifications and galvanize them for long life corrosion protection. From stanchions or grated walkways for the mining industry, to pier fittings or retaining wall components to suit the load requirements of any residential or civil infrastructure project.

Our highly experienced team offers free technical advice to optimise the long-term performance of your design. Our facilities provide the flexibility to hot dip galvanize small components, unusual shapes or large-scale structural elements.

We can even apply paint to enhance your aesthetic requirements

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TetraWal’s retaining wall solutions include all the hot dip galvanized steel components required to complete a retaining wall installation. TetraWal components are available as H-sections for straight walls, 90º sections for right angles, 45º sections for softer angles, or specific angles to suit your requirements.

For large-scale land development an infrastructure projects steel sections are often designed to work with different grades of steel soldiers, to support varying height requirements within a project. Our team work with project managers to provide a total service solution, cutting, fabricating, galvanizing and delivering product to site.

All TetraWal components are hot dip galvanized to AS/NZS4680 for long-term corrosion protection and are backed by a 5-year strength and corrosion warranty. Our posts are designed to work with a wide range of retaining wall materials, from sleepers to stacked stone options. Choose from an extensive range of set lengths in the TetraWal range or create your own design.

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