Protective Coatings – Paint over Steel or Paint over Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Geelong Galvanizing is the only galvanizer in Victoria that also offers in-house facilities for painting steel components and applying Duplex coatings; a paint over galvanizing finish. Our facilities and skilled team cater for large scale steel structures and intricate designs that require an aesthetic finish, in any colour and using a wide range of paint systems.

Geelong Galvanizing is PCCP & NACE certified for the application of paint coating systems. PCCP is an independent accreditation program administered by the CSIRO. It is based on applying paint coatings to a set of quality and performance standards that maximises the protective coating of paint over steel.

PCCP certification ensures a high-quality finish that minimises maintenance requirements and extends the life of painted steel assets. Our onsite NACE inspector oversees the quality standards of our Paint & Blast team.


Heavy duty protective paints are often specified for steel installations that require low levels of corrosion resistance (C1 or C2). For installations in highly corrosive locations, Duplex offers the ultimate corrosion protection. The application of a suitable, high integrity paint system can insulate zinc from the environment and prolong the life of the Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel coating. For example, in severe coastal and industrial environments, paint over HDG can significantly extend a structure’s service life.

Corrosivity Environment Guide – click to download

The corrosion protection provided by Duplex is known as the synergistic effect. The interaction between paint and galvanizing coatings extends the service life of a steel structure, providing unparalleled corrosion protection that can last from 1.5 – 2.3 times the combined lifetimes of both paint and HDG systems. To achieve the true benefits of Duplex it is fundamental that the selected paint system is uniformly applied and maintained through its service life. At Geelong Galvanizing our surface preparation facilities, equipment and the skills of our paint team ensure optimal paint finish results.

Assured Paint Protection

Our Geelong site features a purpose built abrasive blasting and painting facility.  The controlled environment in our blasting room incorporates grit recovery and dust collection equipment for high quality surface preparation. Our 5 tonne overhead gantry cranes optimise materials’ handling with consistent movement of steel components, to ensure high quality paint finishes. And our equipment is designed to apply a range of coatings, including basic primer base coats, waterborne inorganic zinc silicates, high build epoxy systems or Duplex coatings.

Guide to Paint Systems for Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Duplex is the ultimate in corrosion protection, offering a lower total lifecycle cost compared to painted steel surfaces. Duplex coatings are applied at our Geelong plant, under controlled conditions and are warranted for 15 years.

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