Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel is a proven performer as a durable, low maintenance, sustainable product. Our galvanized finishes can be applied to small components, unusual shapes or large scale structural elements to increase the life span of steel in application. Ideal for residential and commercial construction, agricultural equipment, engineering and infrastructure, mining support structures and marine applications; galvanizing offers predictable corrosion resistance and long life performance.

For more details on the performance benefits of Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) across corrosion zones, view this Guide to the Service Life of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel in Australia.

Hot Dip Galvanizing immerses steel components in a molten zinc alloy. This process coats all joins, seals, welds and corners of the object, while penetrating any recesses in the steel to provide full corrosion resistance. Galvanizing creates a metallurgic reaction between the zinc alloy and the steel surface to bond zinc to the steel. Zinc acts as a barrier to corrosion and provides cathodic protection; possessing self-healing properties to protect steel if the zinc coating becomes damaged. In large scale projects, remote and inaccessible areas, galvanizing is the ultimate durable, low maintenance finish. For more details on why HDG delivers the Best Protection Inside & Out.

This Design Guide for Steel Fabricators details Best Practice for Venting.
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Part 2 Download

This Design Guide details Best Practice for Welding for Hot Dip Galvanized Steels.

Benefits of Galvanizing

There are 10 major, measurable benefits to choosing hot dip galvanizing steel components for corrosion protection. Whether the installation is in a coastal environment, in water ways, embedded in soil or in a remote or rural location, galvanizing is the top performer for corrosion protection. Cost benefits include upfront costs, plus savings achieved through long-life protection, lower maintenance requirements and durability of the coating during transport, erection and for the life of the coating.

10 Benefits of Galvanizing PDF

Galvanized steel also offers the ultimate in corrosion protection for concrete construction. Hot dip galvanized steel reinforcing for concrete protects against deterioration of the concrete mass and protects the structural integrity of a project.

40 Questions & Answers on Galvanized Reinforcement in Concrete Structures

Corrosion protection is enhanced when the design, fabrication, steel composition, surface preparation and galvanizing process are optimised to work together. Geelong Galvanizing’s technical team works with you to deliver the best outcomes for sustainable, long term performance.

This Chart outlines Design Considerations for Galvanizing

Our Geelong facilities include a state-of-the-art blasting facility for optimal steel preparation. The best galvanizing results are achieved when paint, rust and other contaminants are fully removed from steel surfaces. The blasting room creates a controlled environment for consistent steel surface preparation and incorporates an automatic abrasive recycling system to deliver additional cost efficiencies for our customers.

Galvanized steel is 100% recyclable, our dipping process is non-toxic and VOC free. The Geelong plant offers flexibility in the size and shape of components that can be galvanized. Our team is responsive to custom manufacturing requests and we offer rapid turnaround for time sensitive projects. For your convenience our in-house transport fleet can pick-up components and deliver the finished product to your site. Customer Information

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